Minimizing Risk, Optimizing Efficiency

PowerSecure’s Interactive Distributed Generation® (IDG®) power systems deliver efficient on-site power during high-cost,peak-demand periods, and protect business operations with backup power when grid power is interrupted. We custom-engineer our IDG systems with technology that is built to last and designed to maximize our customers’ returns on investment. Our IDG systems also benefit the environment with their efficient operations, the ability to utilize natural gas, and our proprietary operating algorithms that optimize run times.

Our proprietary technology includes:
  • Our Smart Grid Monitoring Center

    Provides 24/7 monitoring and intelligent control systems

  • Our NexGear® Technology

    Advanced switchgear and electronic controls

  • Our PowerBlock Technology

    PowerSecure’s efficient, bi-fuel generating system

  • Our PowerControl® Technology

    Proprietary software providing unmatched control

  • Our PowerSecure Solar® Technology

    Highly efficient photovoltaic power systems

PowerSecure serves utilities and customers with more than 1,200 IDG power systems in operation across the United States – supporting a wide range of industrial manufacturers,
food processors, retailers, distribution facilities, data centers, hospitals, municipal facilities, military installations and landfills.

These heavy-duty, high-tech systems deliver value to our utility partners and customers every day by generating strong financial returns and providing the peace of mind that comes with having the best standby power available standing ready to protect their operations at all times.

Click here for an illustration of how PowerSecure’s IDG system works.