PowerSecure’s approach to sustainability is simple: Deliver practical, smartly engineered solutions to provide a very real and powerful return on investment for two key beneficiaries — the environment and our customer’s bottom line.

  • Our successful model is based on proven technologies that we have engineered to make financial sense today.
  • We deliver solutions that provide strong returns, turning business necessities into ROI opportunities.

Our approach is supported by a high-performance track record. We have installed more than 1,200 smart-grid enabled Interactive Distributed Generation® (IDG®) systems on behalf of utilities and their customers, more than 750,000 LED lights in retail stores, and more than 15 million energy-efficient LED power drivers and light engines in a wide range of products.

Efficiency by Design

  • Our Smart Grid Monitoring Center keeps watch over our customers’ sites and utility power demand, deploying power seamlessly when needed to maximize grid efficiencies.
  • Our IDG bi-fuel-capable systems can reduce carbon emissions by 50 percent and allow efficient, optimized run-time while helping utilities reduce inefficient spinning power reserves.
  • Our PowerSecure Solar® photovoltaic systems deliver green power in a wide range of utility and customer applications.
  • PowerSecure’s state-of-the-art LED lighting — custom developed for retail, commercial and utility applications — features technology that reduces energy consumption by approximately 70 percent.